Jennie’s Inc.

In 1986 the family opened their first retail food establishment within a mile of Jennie’s house, in a community known as Warrendale, on the West side of Detroit. The daughters who inherited Jennie’s gourmet ability, Mary and Terry, have since opened additional stores. Currently, locations are popular in Garden City, Warren, and our newest location in Southgate Michigan. The same delectable recipe that was passed down to Jennie is recreated by Mary and Terry with the same precision, dating back to old world Poland. Smaczne!

From left to right: Raymond Kochan, Mary Sokal, Theresa Remski, and Jennie Kochan


Our pierogies are made with a soft, thin dough and are filled with the finest quality products. They are already boiled and sold, fresh or frozen, by the dozen or half dozen. Most dozens average 1 1/2 pounds! Our pierogies are great for resale or for banquets, parties or special events. We also offer wholesale pricing and delivery.

PIEROGIES Dozen Half Dz.
Sauerkraut $7.50 $3.80
Potato $7.50 $3.80
Potato & Cheese $7.50 $3.80
Potato & Onion $7.50 $3.80
Potato & Cottage Cheese $8.50 $4.30
Potato Cheese & Bacon $8.50 $4.30
Potato & Farmers Cheese $8.50 $4.30
Potato Cheese & Jalapeno $8.50 $4.30
Potato & Garlic $8.50 $4.30
Potato Cheese & Broccoli $8.50 $4.30
Sauerkraut & Mushroom $8.50 $4.30
Mushroom & Onion $8.50 $4.30
Fruit: Cherry or Plum or Prune $9.25 $4.70
Ricotta Cheese $9.25 $4.70
Meat (Polish Meatball) $9.25 $4.70
Sweet Potato $9.25 $4.70
Farmers Cheese $9.25 $4.70
2 Breaded Pork Chops & Roasted Kraut $6.25
2 Fried Potato Ch. Pierogie, Roasted Kraut & Kielbasa $6.25
2 Kielbasa Dogs with Roasted Kraut $6.25
Stuffed Cabbage $6.00 LB
Dearborn Fresh Kielbasa $6.25 LB
Dearborn Smoked Kielbasa 1 LB. $6.25 LB
Beet $3.75 pt.
Cabbage $3.75 pt.
Dill Pickle Soup $3.75 pt.
Potato Mushroom $3.75 pt.
Chicken Noodle w/Homemade Noodles $3.75 pt.
Sour Cream $2.25 pt.
Sliced Onion 1 LB $1.50
Roasted Kraut $5.25 LB
Homemade Noodles 1 LB $3.25
Beef –Ground Beef, Carrots, Potatoes, Onions, Seasonings $7.50
Chicken –Chicken Breast, Peas, Carrots, Gravy, Seasonings $7.50

Please Note, now accepting credit cards!

Prices subject to change


6659 Middlebelt Road
Garden City, MI 48135
Hours: Monday–Sat. 9am–5pm, Sunday 12pm–4pm
(call for Summer Hours: June–Aug.)

31100 Hoover
Warren, MI 48093
Hours: Monday 11am–5pm, Tues.–Friday 10am–5pm, Saturday 10am–4pm, Closed Sunday
(call for Summer Hours: June–Aug.)